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A lot of people have experienced having a bad coil after several uses. The coil not heating, not turning red, etc… 

Why does this happen? This usually occurs when you do not properly maintain your coil, and you do not clean it. You are technically supposed to clean it after each use so that things don’t get stuck in there. If you see a lot of burned residue stuck on the coil, it’s probably why it’s not heating. The residue can also stick to the bottom of the coil where you cannot see. So make sure you keep those coils clean. Use a cotton swab and some water will do.

If you followed these steps and it still doesn’t work, then you will have to contact the store that sold it to you and hopefully they can replace the coil for you.

This coil can get quite expensive and cost upwards to $20.00 per coil.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Coil