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Another very interesting little gadget that you dry herb vaporizer fans may be interested in is the e hookah pen. The disposable e hookah pen has been around for as long as the dry herb vaporizer has been around, and probably shortly after the e cigarette came out.

First of all, let me explain how the e hookah pen works, and it is NOT an e cigarette, there’s a difference. E cigs contain nicotine and is a smoking alternative. E hookah pens do not contain any nicotine or dangerous chemicals. How it works is very similar to a dry herb vaporizer, and it’s basically the same as the wax/oil vaporizers in a disposable pen. The atomizer heats up a fruit juice, turning it into fruit flavored vapor.

There are an endless amount of flavors available ranging from things like Red Bull, or fruit combinations like Strawberry Kiwi. I’m not a smoker myself but found myself playing around with the e hookah pens. However, e hookah pens can get quite expensive if you happen to find them at your local store, they can cost up to $15.00 per pen. On eBay, they average $8.00 per pen, and each pen usually only yields 500 puffs.

Some of you may also be interested in Fantasia E Hookah pens which is a higher end e hookah pen, but in my opinion is just a brand name. They offer a classy design, creative names, and nice blister packaging.

Below I have listed a deal for e hookah pens that yields up to 800 puffs and for about $4.00 per pen! Which is BY FAR the best deal I’ve found online or anywhere. You’re paying more than 80% off MSRP, and you get more puffs out of it.